Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Celebrating Musicals Week: {Dream Cast}

So I've heard normal people play fantasy football (or whatever it is they do) where they get to choose their favorite players to be on a dream team. Obviously I'm not a football fan, but I am a huge fan of theater performers. All day yesterday I thought about who my favorite voices are, who played in my favorite productions, and who should play who in my own dream cast of A Tale of Two Cities. Here is my cast:

Aaron Tveit as: Charles Darnay 

Unlike a lot of people, Charles Darnay is my favorite. Most people tend to prefer Sydney, very much like most people prefer Eponine over Cosette. Anyhow, after Aaron's roll as Enjolras in Les Miserables I have been a loyal fan. His voice *swoon* is so passionate and he has the ability to completely consume the roll of his character. He captivates his audience and adds depth to the story. That's why I think his passion and emotion would make a perfect Charles.

Samantha Dorsey as: Lucie Mannet 

Samantha's voice is so beautiful, but I was torn between she and Samantha Barks. That's more or less because I ship Enjolras and Eponine, which led to shipping Aaron and Sam Barks, and this would be such a great way to keep that ship alive. However, I did manage to put away my ships and choose Samantha Dorsey.  She's done a wonderful job in all the parts she's played in theater, so I'd love to see her in ATOTC.

Hadley Fraser as: Sydney Carton

Hadley. *sigh* I just absolutely love the guy. His performance as Gantaire in the 25th Anniversary LM concert is when I first heard his voice. Then in the Phantom of the Opera he was the best Raoul in the world. Meaning mix the drunken and dark man with the love struck and slightly driven mad boy and you have the BEST Sydney Carton ever.

Ramin Karimaloo as: Mr. Manette

  Okay, Ramin made me fall in love will all the 'gown up' musicals. He was my transition from Disney to musical theater. To top it all off he is flawless and has made his way into every one of my dream casts. I chose him as Lucie's father because I'd love to hear the contrast between his and Aaron's voice in 'The Promise'.

Catherine Missal as Little Lucie: 

Catherine played Little Lucie in the PBS Concert. I couldn't think of anyone else to play the roll. She's so darling and adds depth to such a small roll. The first time she laughs you fall in love with the little girl.

Michael Maguire as: Ernest Defarge

I've just got this thing for guys who have played Enjolras. Michael's voice however is so strong with this insane depth of emotion. He adds this whole driving force to a revolutionary, which is exactly why I chose him a Defarge.

Samantha Barks as: Madame Therese Defarge

Sam is probably my favorite actor within musical theater. I've loyally followed all her rolls and was never disappointed. After he performance at the 25th Anniversary Concert she's made her way into everyone of my dream rolls. Earlier I admitted to first casting her as Lucie, but we have to carry on Sam's tradition of dying on stage. Even Sam said dying on stage seemed to be her "thing" for the moment. Her voice is also one of the few voices strong enough to fully carry across the message of Out of Sight Out of Mind.

George Bladen as: the Marquis St. Evrmonde

This is what I imagine every time I think of the Marquis. Of course George would need to be older with some graying hair, but he just pulls of being nonchalant so well. You would have to be able to do this if you run over a small child in a street then mock the beggars moments afterward. Don't get me wrong. I love George, but he would be so good at this.

Daniel Huttlestone and Fra Fee as: the French father and son
I know the boy who dies in the Paris street and the father who kills the Marquis don't have names and are barely seen but for a few moments. However I've still placed them with my people to cast.
*sobs* I just can't get over this scene from the Les Miserables movie. It was so heart-wrenching, so I think having these two play the roll of father and son would add so much more meaning to the story. *cries some more*

Well there it is, my A Tale of Two Cities 'dream cast'. I know there are still some parts that weren't mentioned above, but that's because I was 100% indecisive on the rolls which actor could play. I still had to fit Micheal Ball, Killian Donnelly, and so many others into the show. Basically I just really love musical actors. Who do you think should be added to the dream cast?


  1. SQUEEEEP. I spy the barricade boys! This made me so happy. :D
    But all those casting choices are perfect (especially Aaron and Hadley and Ramin), and I would totally go to any musical you cast if you do all of them like this. :)
    ...And of course, you can always put your other favorites in as extras...I do that all the time. Oh, so-and-so doesn't fit? Too bad, he's an extra. :D

    1. The barricade boys make it into everything! And if you like Aaron, Hadley, and Ramin I know I can trust your taste in actors. They're amazing.
      ....Extra's are a very good idea, thank you...*tosses in the rest of my favorite actors*....:P

  2. Poor Michael Ball...reduced to an extra. :D
    (You know, we really should start to email together- I'm having a lot of fun talking to you in the comments. :))

    1. It really was such a hard decision!
      I'd love to start an email thread. You can email me at ForeverJane18@Gmail.com

  3. AHHHHHH. I LOOOOOVE YOUR CAST. Except for *blush* Ramin and George's parts. Ramin is, I think too young to play Dr Manette. Ditto for George. But other than that..PERFECTION. Especially Hadley, because, just...SQUEEEEEE.

    1. Ah thanks. Now its depressing because I know I'll never get to see them all do this musical. *tears* As to Ramin, he's played Jean Valjean who is around the same age as Dr. Manette in the plays. That one shouldn't be a problem. George on the other hand is much too young, but the facial expressions and attitude fit too well to ignore it.
      Hadley, Hadley, Hadley. I love the guy.

  4. wow. amazing. PERFECTION embodied. -- the cast. as a whole. not ramin or hadley. of course I meant the cast. heh.

    now that I've said it was perfect, my sister pointed out that scott garnham would be a fabulous charles darnay; she insisted that I mention it. (so I'm mentioning it.) I think he would be great because he's similar to hadley in a lot of ways (h. has specifically said that "if anyone were to play me, I'd like it to be scott")... but, without my sister hanging over my shoulder, I'm going to whisper quickly that I think aaron tveit would be great, too. ...and sierra and sam, both?! gahh, overload of awesomeness!

    1. I'd actually never seen Scott Garnham in anything except the 25th of Les Miserables. Anyhow, I googled him and he does look a lot like Hadley. I was not expecting that! But I definitely agree that Aaron would be another excellent choice...I think he'd be a perfect choice for just about anything. ;) And yes, Sierra and Sam both. I just couldn't leave them out!

      Thank you *and you sister!* for stopping by!