My Writing

My Writings 
Here is a little bit (or maybe a lot) about my current, finished, and still to be written writing projects. Although I'm what I consider to be a 'pre' publish author, the goal is to see each of these in print one day.


In progress/unfinished

 Orphaned Twelve-year-old Jessica Rivers and sixteen-year-old Garret McDaniel didn't know they would witness a murder of a US senator. They didn't know that the government was involved, or that they would be called to testify against the President of the United States of America. All they know is that on that dark stormy night in an equally dark alley they began to run, and they've been running ever since. 
With the help of Scott 
McDaniel, Garrets older cousin, the two stay one step ahead of the government and their goons as they move from one big city to the next.  But when Jessica meets Zack, the charming boy who lives in the apartment above them, she begins to wonder if five years of running has been long enough. Without knowing it Jessica is caught up in two different worlds: reality and a secret life she builds around Zack. Everything seems perfect when the two worlds collide, sending Jessica, Garret, Scott, and Zack into a game of betrayals, broken promises, and heartbreaks. Will Jessica ever be able to escape the nightmare of her life?  Or have they finally been cornered with no way out?
-more WIP's to come later-



  1. Wow! This sounds so interesting! Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks! It should be finished by the end of this fall and ready for editing. I'm hoping to get it published as an e-book by next spring.

  2. REALLY???? That's so exciting!!!! I can't wait to read it!!!!
    ~Hannah S.

    1. Yes! Thank you, I can't wait to finally get it edited and published.

  3. I would love to read this. I follow you on Pinterest, which is how I found this blog. :)
    I'm not much of a writer myself (I write, but it's not really my "thing"), but I love reading first drafts and such. I'm more like an aspiring editor :D If you ever need just one more person you don't specifically know read this, I would be honored. Just throwing that out there. :)