Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week: {Kick-off Tag}

Okay, so confession time...I love musicals. Actually, the best word to describe my relationship with musicals would be 'obsession' and it is a major one at that. So when I heard that Amy over at her blog was going to be hosting a Celebrate Musicals Blog Party, I just couldn't resist. For the rest of the week I've scheduled several posts focused on my musical of choice, but for today I'm just going to stick to the Kick-Off Tag.

1.  What musical did you pick to "spotlight" this week and why?  
My "spotlight" musical for this week is.... A Tale of Two Cities. *gasps* Sierra isn't writing about Les Miserables? Nope, I even shocked myself. Yes, I'm going to write about A Tale of Two Cities-the Musical. *gasps again* There is A Tale of Two Cities musical? Yes, yes there is and it is one of the most underrated musicals of all time. Although I might point out that I haven't strayed too far from Les Miserables, I just can't leave the French alone.  

2.  How did you discover the musical you picked (hereinafter referred to as "your musical")?

It was in 2011 that I first found my musical. I had just finished reading A Tale of Two Cities for the second time, and was doing a bit of research about the book on the internet, which was when I came across some song lyrics. That led me strait to you-tube where I found songs from the musical. However, it wasn't until last year that I got to watch the whole musical in one video.

3.  If you had to pick three favorite songs from your musical, which ones would they be?
Ugh, I hate having to choose 'top' songs. It's like having to choose a favorite book...never going to happen. But after narrowing down the list, Now at Last, If Dreams Came True, and Until Tomorrow would have to be my top three.

4.  What's your least favorite song from your musical?
It would probably be 'Round and Round'.

5.  Who are your favorite characters (choose up to three)?
Charles Darnay, Sydney Carton, and Mem Therese Defarge.

6.  Which versions of your musical have you seen/listened to, and which is your favorite?
I've listened to the Broadway and watched the PBS Concert. The Concert would be my favorite, just since I can watch it. It's very much like the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert, but not blocked quite so much. The acting and vocals are superb.

7.   Is this your favorite musical of all time?  If not, what is?
Oh no, no, no. Les Miserables will forever and always be my favorite. A Tale of Two Cities is a close second.

8.   Which cast album/musical soundtrack in your collection do you listen to the most?

For A Tale of Two Cities? The PBS recording. For musicals in general? The 10th Anniversary Les Miserables Concert is played at least once every day.

9.   What is your favorite costume from your musical?My favorite costume is Lucie Manette's gown in the PBS Concert. The color is stunning on her. The close fit makes it feminine without it being over the top frilly. 

         This Kiss! *swoons*


10.  If you could change anything about your musical, what would you change? The only thing I would change about this musical would be make it more popular. It didn't run near as long as it should have. Other than that this musical is flawless.

11.  Which role(s) would you most like to play in 
any musical, if you had the opportunity to do so on stage?
Eponine from Les Miserables is my dream roll. If I couldn't have Eponine I could totally do Enjolras. Yes, yes it is a guys roll, but he's just EPIC. I've also always dreamed of playing Liesl from The Sound of Music. 

12.  If you could choose one performer to play any part in your musical, who would you choose and which part would you have them play?
I think Aaron Tivet would make a gorgeous Charles Darnay! His voice is so strong, and his ability to put so much emotion into his rolls would make for a phenomenal performance.

13.  Do you consider yourself a musical theatre fan in general or do you just like a few musicals?
Change 'fan' to 'obsessed fan' and that is me. Actually, musicals have always been a huge part of who I am. Disney's Robin Hood is to blame. From the time I was two-years-old I have been in love with that musical. My mom actually took the video and hid it because I would play it over and over again. She said that 'Little John and Robin Hood running through the forest..." would play over and over in her head at night. Then came the Princess Musicals and then musical theater. I could name countless theater performers, but ask me to name Hollywood actors and I could maybe name eight. I don't follow the big block-buster movies, but the newest performance on Broadway or West End. 

14.  Are you tired of the word "musical" yet?Never!

15.  Turn your music playing device on shuffle (or utilize Pandora if you don't have one) and tell us the names of the first three show tunes that come up-- no cheating!  How do these rank on your favorites/most-listened-to list?
-Empty Chairs at Empty Tables. *cries* Yes, this song is actually in my top five favorites. Especially if it is being sang by Michel Ball. 
-One Day More. Favorite. Song. EVER. I swear I didn't rig my music player. This song gets listened to at least three times everyday. I have some of the lyrics painted out on my wall, actually.  
-Sixteen Going on Seventeen. Okay, not one of my top five, but it lands in my top ten. Last year when I turned sixteen this was my favorite song in the world. Then turning seventeen sort of ruined the novelty of it. 


  1. Ooh, I love ATOTC! I'm looking forward to the rest of your posts. And you want to play Enjolras? Well, if you could, I would not be the one to dissuade you. Enjo's part is pretty awesome.
    And I totally agree with you about Disney causing your obsession with musicals- with me, it was actually Snow White that got me obsessed. I had a costume and I would scrub the floor while singing and everything. :D
    O' course, I don't do that now...I walk around staring up at the sky and singing "On My Own" instead. :D

    1. Thanks! Yes, yes in a perfect world I would be allowed to play Enjolras. It would be way to much fun climbing the barricade.
      Who would have thought Disney would have caused such obsessions? I love, love, love Snow White though. And I did the floor scrubbing, dressed up, singing thing as well. Only it was as Annie....and I'll still admit I sometimes sing It's a Hard Knock Life when sweeping the floor. xD

  2. This musical has been on my "to listen" list long enough! I simply must find time to hear some of it, since I love the book so much. (I found your blog through Miss Dashwood's, by the way. Nice to meet you! I'm Caroline. =] )

    1. Here's a link to a sort of 'trailer' to the ATOTC Concert. The musical is definitely worth listening to!
      I'm so happy you dropped by to see my blog, it's so nice to meet you! :)

  3. Excellent choice, m'dear. I was actually almost regretting that I hadn't chosen to feature AToTC for my part of the week, because it's so underrated, so I'm glad you chose it :) Isn't the whole thing just GORGEOUS? *siiiiigh* I'm about halfway through the book for English Lit and it's sooooo amazing. Well, bye for now! My sis and I are off to the mall to see if we can purchase a Les Mis poster to hang in our room (eeep!)

    1. Oh I know, it just about broke my heart to not choose Les Miserables , but AToTC just couldn't be left behind. It is so beautiful, and I honestly like the Charles and Lucie pairing more than I do Cosette and Marius. Eeeep!! Did you really find a LM poster? The only place I've been able to find them is online.

    2. Well, I don't know if I like Charles and Lucie more than Marius and Cosette, but they are high on the list of favorite literary couples (and James Barbour as Sydney is just...ACK). I actually didn't go to the mall today, but I'll probably do it tomorrow. There's always a lot of movie posters that you can purchase and although I've never seen Les Mis there (I never actually looked, though), I'm really hoping I can find it.

    3. The two couples really are too cute for their own good. And James Barbour as Sydney...ACK...his eyes, his voice...yeah I'm a fangirl.
      If you find a poster you must send me a picture! Good luck. :)