Thursday, August 29, 2013


This is the beginning, the place where it will all start, and the place where it will hopefully never end.

 I've been a part of the blogging community for awhile now. There's a Les Miserables fan blog with my name on it. It specializes in unedited Les Miserables fanfiction, or rather Barricade Boy fanfiction, or better yet Enjonine fanfiction. At another wonderful blog over here you can find my bi-weekly posts.

The other night while reading through a post by a friend I was faced with the realization that unlike other bloggers I didn't have something that was mine. There wasn't a place where I could go to review my favorite books (except for Les Miserables of course) or prattle on about my writings and other adventures. Before me stretched two roads: the easy one and the hard one.  Easy said, "keep posting bi-weekly and hardly make an effort to come up with fanfiction, whereas hard said, "get up, use your creative mind, and build something you can be proud of."

Obviously I chose the hard road. By now some of you are raising your eyebrows, right? Hard? What's so hard about starting a blog? Well, if you're like me meaning computer challenged, an introvert, and so busy you're spinning in circles then it's not exactly a trip to the park. Just figuring out how to make a header is hard enough, not to mention the cute button thingies, and making it all look professional. Oh, and lets not forget the readers. Those don't come easy either. But actually ya'll know all this don't you? You all know how hard it is to start a blog from scratch and keep it running, even if you are technology minded, outgoing, and sitting around with nothing to do.  

Ooops. It looks like I'm forgetting this is an introduction. I'm Sierra Kay, by the way (and now I'm embarrassed because that rhymes weird). I'm a seventeen-year-old senior who's counting down the days until I'm packed up to leave for college. My dad's a pastor of a small Baptist church and my mom homeschools my two younger sisters and I.
Anyhow, I'm what I like to consider a pre-published writer. It's going to happen though, soon. My favorite genre is Christian Romance and Christian Fantasy (because places like Narnia are amazing). At the moment four works in progress are sitting on my desk begging to be worked on: RUN (a dystopian novel), Remember My Love (an Amish romance), Our Story, Our Year (a romance I'm co-writing with Eva, a good writer friend of mine), and a still untitled yet finished book that is in the final stages of editing. For the time being I will refer to it as a Songs of My Heart book, since it is first in my new series (historical romance).
When I'm not sitting at my desk writing I'm in one of three places: on my bed curled up with a classic or two  and a cat in my lap, at the barn riding one of my two horses, Prancer and Choppo, or at my great-grandmothers piano playing Mozart or Bach.
Most important however, is that I am a daughter of the King. I strive to honor and praise Him in all that I do. My greatest wish is that I can be a light for Him through this blog and that you all come to experience His unfailing and endless love.


  1. Can't wait Sierra!

    Hope to see more soon!!

    1. Thanks Samantha! Oh, I was trying to find a link to your blog earlier, but it wouldn't ever come up. Would you mind sending it to me?

    2. Did you find it? :) (You're following it)

    3. Yep, I ended up finding it right after I posted that comment.