Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Character Interview: Julia Ross

Today I'm giving you an interview from one of the favorite characters in the Rebelution Trilogy. First off let me tell you she's far from my favorite. In fact during the early stages of planning "Defenders of the Word" she was a rather hated character. That was until I started sending out clips to friends. I was expecting fanfare over Alexa and John-Luke, my main characters, and their pretty epic stories. Instead I was faced with many long winded messages about my sassy, slightly sadistic, very damaged, and secretive shadow of a character. On that note I give you Julia Ross.

So, Julia tell me a bit about yourself. What is your life like, who do you live with, are you happy with where you're at? 

My life...why is it people always what to know about my life? But if I have to answer you could say its a lot better than what my life was like when I lived in the Wards. The Bunker isn't too bad, but it used to be nicer before I had to share my room. John-Luke and the twins aren't too bad and they're a million times better than the RSS guards I used to deal with. Alexa isn't exactly a ray of sunshine, but neither am I so I guess we're even. And happy? That's cute. I don't know what happy is, but if it means I'm safe then yes I'm happy enough.

What's your personality like? 
I've never really been laid back, even when I was younger things made me tense, but I was always able to keep my head. After I went into the Wards things changed. The Wards always change you, and I'm not going to lie and say they make you better. I'm sort of a loner now...people rub me the wrong way...which brings out my sarcastic side. A lot of people think I'm mean and unfeeling, but most of the time I'm just scared that United NOW will send the RSS after me. Sometimes I get confused in the head and that makes people think I'm crazy. I don't know, maybe I am. But I'm also a rebel and I'm strong. I don't like seeing United NOW hurt people I love, so I'm willing to risk anything to keep them safe.

Can you describe your personal appearance for us? 
Sure. I'm a little taller than most girls at 5'9. My eyes are a brownish green, they're not really unique or stunning, but I've never really seen anyone with the same shade before. I have strait blond hair that hits above my shoulders, it won't curl for anything either. John-Luke still says I'm too skinny, but I blame that on the Wards.

What is your favorite color? 
Green. It reminds me of the woods and the woods mean freedom.

Describe your family.
In one word? Dead. No, really? Lets see, Dad was quiet and he never really said much, but when he spoke everyone stopped to listen. Mom was funny. I remember she used to laugh all the time, she was even laughing before she died. They were both really brave and they loved the Lord. That was why they died. I don't really think about them anymore...it hurts too much.

Who is your best friend? Why? 
John-Luke is my best friend. I don't know why he puts up with me, but I can always count on him to be there. Sometimes at night he even comes and checks on me just to make sure the nightmares aren't keeping me up. He's a really sweet guy.

Which do you prefer, coffee or tea? 
Coffee, but only if Pastor Blake or Alexa make it. John-Luke can't make good coffee to save his life.

If you could have three wishes what would you wish for? 
First, that United NOW hadn't come into power or that Christians weren't persecuted.
Second, that my parents were still alive.
Third, that I had never been taken to the Wards.

What is your very first childhood memory? 
It was when I was about three or four...my parents where always shocked I even remembered it. But it was in the middle of winter and the RSS came and searched our apartment building. At the time my parents were smuggling Bibles into the country and then shipping them out to churches. We had just gotten in a new shipment and I remember playing in some of the boxes. Dad had hid the Bibles in a secret panel in the wall. We stayed up all night praying silently that the RSS wouldn't come to our door. They never came..at least not that time.

What is your favorite song? It's illegal of course, but all we listen to at the Bunker is Christian music. My favorite would have to be "God's Not Dead" by the Newsboys. Its old, back from when my mom was a kid, but we don't exactly have any new music out there at the moment.

What was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? 
Once in the Wards there was this girl who was a few years younger than me. We were out running the fence line and it started snowing, but our guard wouldn't let us stop. The girl had a hard time breathing...and the cold was just too much for her. We had reached the far corner and she collapsed. When I picked her up she was so cold, didn't even have a jacket, but she kept smiling and laughing even though she could hardly breath. I still remember her last words, "I want to die here, away from the Wards, I want to die in freedom" I don't know, I just thought that what she said was kind of beautiful..."I want to die in freedom".


Well there you have it, an interview with Julia Ross, rebel, revolutionary, and character of "The Rebelution Trilogy". Next week I hope you drop by to hear from Alexa Bryant, the main character of "Defenders of the Word".


  1. Wow! Your trilogy sounds amazing! Your character sounds a bit like one of mine! They're both orphans, and are hurting deeply, although they cover it up with a sassy, defensive attitude.

    1. Thanks Natalie! I'd love to hear more about your character :)

  2. Well, let's see...her name is Danni (short for Danielle) and 16 years old. She had a mother and brother who died earlier in her life. She's lived all alone with her father in their tiny apartment in New York. They were both Christians and very close to each other until her father's death. She's not my main character, but I'm very fond of her and can't wait to discover more about her as I write! She acts tough and pretends she doesn't need help or pity, but inside she's just broken. She's my "wounded warrior" of the story. She's brutally sarcastic and very defensive and has a very hard time letting people see the true Danni. She has long, caramel colored hair and brown eyes. Her skin is freckled and she's about 5'5".
    Hope you enjoyed hearing about her! :)