Friday, October 25, 2013

A Return and A Trilogy

Well my last post was a welcome to October and now this could very well be a goodbye. I really don't know where time went this month. There were so many things I wanted to write about and share with ya'll, but obviously that didn't happen. However, it hasn't been a huge waste of the past few weeks.

I was interviewed over at Noveltea by another Go Teen Writer, which you can read here:

I've also had a lot of fun writing a "Praying for your Future Husband" series:
{Part One}
{Part Two}

Yesterday I also got my scores back from my second round of SAT's. The Lord blessed all those hours I spent studying with a score high enough to get me a 1/3 tuition scholarship to the university I plan to attend next fall. The Lord definitely provides.

But mostly my time has been spent working on my NaNoWriMo project, which has turned into much more than just another one of my NaNo projects. The idea for this story has been floating around in my mind for years now. Actually, I think it was a combination of reading the Hunger Games and the Left Behind Series that triggered the idea. See, I love the dystopian genre, but I also love christian fiction. Sadly, you don't often see the two combined. Anyhow, there's always been this idea of a christian dystopian novel driving me crazy, but for the longest time I wasn't ready to write it. That was until a few months ago. First I felt God leading me to voice my beliefs instead of trying to tone them down. Then I got a chance to attend some eye opening Christian events. But it wasn't until a friend showed me a revolutionary song that everything came into play. That's all it took- me stepping out in faith, a few hours spent around others on fire for the Lord, and a song- for a trilogy to form. Let me introduce you to that trilogy.

~ ~ ~

The Rebelution Trilogy 

Twenty years ago, due to the threat of nuclear war, the world entered into a governmental and military union called 'United Nations of the World'. A Council of Seven was formed -one man for each continent- to lead the wold. Instantly Christianity was restricted, then deemed as a threat to world 'peace', and made an illegal act punishable by death. Many groups of Christians protested, rioted, and created secret ministries to fight against the government. Their rebellion was strong until the persecution overpowered them, leaving thousands of Christians imprisoned, starving in 'traitors camps' on the freezing Arctic terrain, or dead. Those that escape the 'attempts to eradicate radicals' consist of orphaned children, grieving parents, and lonely friends. But one day their wounds will heal, and with healing comes strength.
The Council has considered the battle won, but behind closed doors underground churches begin to thrive, silently biding their time, rescuing 'discovered' Christian's from the government, and raising a new generation of believers. Little does the Council know these children born in a time of change are taking up where their parents left off, calling for a Rebelution: A rebellion against society, A revolution that will change the world.    
  Book One: Defenders of the Word 

In the wake of her parents recent execution for Christian activity, twenty-year-old Alexa Bryant finds herself questioning the God she has placed so much trust in. Her fiance, a rich politician has just saved her life despite knowing that she herself is a traitor to the very system he supports. Allie, her little sister is being held in a 'Children's Ward', where orphans of Christian families are taken to be 'reformed'. And without knowing it Alexa has walked into a group of revolutionaries intent on gaining back the rights of Christians. Before her are two roads: life on the run or life in defiance. Rebellion looks to be her best bet, but why should she pledge her life to a cause that killed her parents, and why should she serve a god that has turned a blind eye to their suffering?  

Ten years ago John-Luke DelMonico swore he would carry out his parents plan to make a public stand for the Truth. Now at twenty-one he struggles with the scriptures, his calling, and his motive. He has found himself becoming a leader of other orphaned Christians, ones who's parents died standing for the Truth. Each of them would follow him in a campaign against United NOW.  A fight against the government means an inevitable death, but death isn't what he fears, at least not as a believer. No, there are far worse things than death. Fear of failure hold John-Luke back from the path he knows they must all take. But can he place his full trust in the Lord and allow Him to guide their steps?

Neither Alexa nor John-Luke can escape the plans the Lord has set before them. Live or die, they must make a choice. Conform with the rest of the world, or let the call to a Rebelution change their lives and their hearts.

~ ~ ~

Alrighty, well clearly its still needs a lot of work, but that's the general idea of the trilogy and book one. For me the theme is very hard to sum up, because a lot of symbolism makes its way into the book. The tag line 'Rebelution: a rebellion against society, a revolution that will change the world.' Is the simplest way to describe it. Not only is it a story about people standing up for their beliefs, but also a call for Christians to stop conforming to things of this world and radically embrace the message of Jesus Christ, as well as a  warning to those who have conformed. This isn't 'high fantasy' or 'futuristic'. This book is set in 2028, which is a year that most people of my generation will live to see unless the Lord returns. If we keep standing down and keeping the gospel to ourselves then this is what our future could look like. Yes, its exaggerated in many cases, but look at current events and the world around you. We're not too far from it.


  1. Love that quote by George Orwell...I want to read his novel 1984 and Animal Farm sometime soon. Your novel looks really interesting! I'm not really into scifi/fantasy, but I love good vs. evil stories.
    Congrats on the SATs!!

    1. 1984 was really good. I read that one last year. I haven't managed to read Animal Farm yet.

      Actually the trilogy is really neither sifi nor fantasy. Its set in 2028, so honestly it couldn't be tagged as 'futuristic' either, since usually that applies to 50 or more years into the future. The plot isn't even 'end of the world' so it can't be dubbed as another apocalypse book. Actually it doesn't exactly have a genre to fit into. Besides the government takeover and Christians being persecuted the world is completely unchanged, that alone is a very realistic near future possibility for our current word. So its more like realistic fiction with a touch of dystopian (hence the one world government and persecution) Though I'm not sure if that makes sense or not.

      And thank you!

  2. Congrats on your SAT scores!

    Your story sounds so intriguing! I'd love to read it. I'm a big fan of dystopian and action-filled plots, so it sounds like this would be right up my alley :)

    By the way, I loved your posts on APOC!